Map of 1836

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In this year marks the capital district of Oyo was finally abandoned with the flow of refugees southward from the former metropolitan district. For this reason, the year also marks the end of the mapping series. In the political void following the collapse of Oyo, several new states began to jockey for territorial control, including Abeokuta, Ilorin, Ibadan, New Oyo, Ijaye, Ijebu, Ife, among others. Dahomey continued its campaigns into Egbado and Awori territory, destroying the new town of Refurefu.

At the coast, six vessels departed, three for Cuba, one for Brazil and two that went to Sierra Leone. Documented totals increased to 4,176 people, while estimates for unspecified points were over 9,000 people.

For citations see: Henry B. Lovejoy, "Mapping Uncertainty: The Collapse of Oyo and the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, 1816-1836," Journal of Global Slavery 4, 2 (2019): 127-161. (Open source access).

Documented Slave Voyages in 1836

Voyage ID Name Departure Arrival Individuals
3082 Empreendedor (1836) Ouidah Brazil 352
51858 Tibério (1836) Unspecified Brazil 490
1462 Zafiro (a) Ricomar (1836) Ouidah Cuba 381
1463 Llobregat (1836) Porto Novo Cuba 490
1467 Clarita (1836) Ouidah Cuba 381
2557 Florida (1836) Lagos Cuba 352
1483 Fênix (1836) Little Popo Grenada 515
1545 Carlota (a) Mosquito (1836) Ouidah Honduras 208
2531 Quatro de Abril (1836) Ouidah Sierra Leone 481
3068 Veloz (1836) Lagos Sierra Leone 526

*Ship totals with the same number based on imputted data. See Voyages: The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database (